Living-room project

The Maison Village building has always played a central part in the Noorbeek area. From school to town hall, there has always been a social aspect to its character. In this we'd like to follow tradition, which is why we enable the senior citizens of Noorbeek to come here once a month for their social activities. By throwing our living-room open to the community, stories are passed on, adding to the significance of this special location.
In the middle of the hilly countryside of Noorbeek, surrounded by nature, peacefulness and authenticity, you find Maison Village. A hotel with a wink, where traditions are cherished but modern design and art are received with open arms, as are the guests. The four very spacious and luxury rooms in this boutique hotel make for a relaxing stay and - with the changing exposition 'Art at your bedside' - for an unforgettable experience.